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          Harmony with the environment is that we live in on Earth, who is a natural son, and not only to natural persons as the conqueror, as we all know, there is only one earth and the mountains on Earth, the animals. Plant human cells, if it damaged, destroyed nature organizations, to the eradication of mankind. Therefore, the environment must be linked with social ethics, character education and practice acts as an important element of it. Everyone must fulfil its responsibilities and obligations to protect the environment.


          Earth is our mother.Without earth ,without life.It provides us with enough water,food,sunshine,mineral and so on.I can even say we can only live in the earth .There may isn't any celestial body like earth that our human can live .But there is only one earth in the world,so please protect it ,protect our "mother",we can do it from little things such as saving water,planting trees and so on. So please do it right now,for ourselfs,for our younger generation.


          How long haven’t you saw the star at night in the city? Would you miss the fresh and sweet air? Have noticed the river had seriously been polluted? Would you mind listening the crazy honking car horns instead of the birds’ ringing everyday? Could you be calm down if leave the air conditioning room in summer? Around us a little observation , air pollution, drought, flood, global warming, tsunami, earthquake and so on, was more closer to us. Caring for our earth, imminently! Not only for ourself, but for our further generations. As a teenagers, especially a college student, there are lots of things we can do to stop damaging our environment. Firstly, changing the way we think of our environment, facing the reality of our environment which have been seriously damage. Secondly, take some actions and from the side small start like play a tree, install low-flow shower heads and applicants, use public transport , less plastic bags and so on. The last but not the least, influence our neighbors by our behavior and let more and more people care for our motherland. Caring for our earth, all of us join together, with our heart and efforts, more blue days, cleaner water, peaceful world ,that would not be a dream!


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