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          A man is washing his clothes ,regardless of the notice above "Save the Water Please."

          As we see ,water is the source of life. But there is very limited available water resources in our world. So we shouldn't waste it. Of course, we have to use it to drink, cook, wash, clean and etc. But we must remember not to use it extravagantly. If we didn't stop such wasteful habits, we would cut off the development of the world and the human life.


          As we all know water is very important. We should try to save it. First, when we finish washing the clothes or dishes, we can use the water to clean the floor. Second, If we see the dripping tap, we must fix the tap as soon as possible. Third, we can have a shower instead of a bath because having a bath can waste a lot of water.


          As we all know, water is essential in our daily life. We drink water every day, we use water to wash things and cook food, we also use water to make machines. People can't live without water.

          Though about 75% of the earth is covered with water, only 3% of it is fresh water. So we must save water by having a shower instead of a bath. We can save water by fixing dripping taps immediately and we can also save water by not washing under a running tap.


          Some people think there's much water on the earth.In fact,there is only a little water for us to use now.If we don't save it,it will surely be used out some day.

          Then what should we do?

          First,when we finish washing the clothes,we can use the water to clean the floor.Second,if we see the dripping tap,we ought to fix the tap as soon as possible.Third,we can have a shower instead of a bath because having a bath can waste a lot of water.

          In these ways,we can save not only huge amounts of water but also ourselves!

          Water is very important in our life. We drink it every day and use it to cook and wash things. We can not live without water. But how can we save water? There are several ways to save water. Firstly, take shorter showers and don’t leave the tap running when we don’t need to use water. Secondly, Try to reuse water . It’s the most important way for us to save water. At last, We should not pollute water so that we willl have fresh water for years and years. If we do not save water, the last drop of water will be a teardrop. To protect water is to protect our life.


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